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    Security, Usability, Value
    One Username, Many Chains
    Skip the line and Reserve your .0x Username today.
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    Your .0x Username is linked to over 50 blockchains and all your favourite Dapps
    Unlock Awesome, One Account
    Use all the apps your familiar with, using one Trustware account
    Pay Anyone
    Easily connect to friends and family transferring value with your contacts via our friendly .0x Usernames. Share any profile data you choose. You manage which of your addresses to link to your account.
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    Send Anything
    Send digital assets across more than 40 chains. Cross-chain peer to peer payments have never been simpler. Your keys your assets your contacts. Trustware is the Middleware that you can Trust.
    Access Value Anywhere
    Access all the Web3 apps you love from the Trustware App Store. One Sign In to manage all your decentralized value. Trusted self custody with the peace of mind of knowing you are still in control while your assets are kept secure.
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    Your Web3 Username
    Get access to the social web and control your identity with a universal username. This social identity makes it easy to connect to all your favorite blockchain apps and tools.
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